Loomec - Personal Drugstore Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Treibsand
02 - Personal Drugstore
03 - Wie der Wiener
04 - Landungszone
05 - Sag mir doch Warum
06 - Liebeslied No. 1
07 - Das siebente Siegel
08 - A-Quadrat
09 - Meine kleine Retrowelt
10 - Tijuana


Loomec is the newest project by mind.in.a.box frontman Stefan Poiss, well the newest project release wise. Loomec has existed in some form for the past 6 years and it is only now they are coming to light, with their debut album “Personal Drugstore”. With Loomec, Stefan combines forces with fellow Austrian Martin Mejzlik.

The album starts in a way that will seem familiar to fans of mind.in.a.box, or Stefans other side project Thyx. His trademark vocoded vocals provide catchy melodies over a glitchy but floaty synth beat, only this time with the difference of them partly being in German. While some tracks concentrate on purely German lyrics, some such as the title track “Personal Drugstore” freely mix between German and English.

Although some of the tracks sound very similar to Stefans other projects, as the album progresses many of them combine other elements. With tracks such as “Wie der Wiener” and "A-Quadrat" adding in guitar-based goth rock elements and more acoustic sounding drums, they mix well alongside the electro moments, providing a nice contrast and variation. The vocals are even at times, performed without the vocoder, adding to the rockier sound, before it kicks back in for effect on the chorus.

With Loomec, Stefan Poiss has taken elements that he is already well known for and combined them with something new. He has produced material that fits in nicely between futurepop and goth rock, allowing fans of one genre to voyage into unknown territory without being too far from home.
Posted on 22 Aug 2013 by Jason
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