Aphelion - Memento Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Omnipresent
02 - When, Where, Why?
03 - Esq
04 - An Old Friend
05 - Slow Burn
06 - Ifreann
07 - Cosmos
08 - You Are But A Memory
09 - Mountains


After two excellent EP’s, “Aonarach” and “Mechanized” (both of which are available as a pay what you like bandcamp release), Aphelion have quickly stamped a mark on the ambient / IDM scene. Only a matter of months after their first release, it is now time for their debut album “Memento” to be revealed to awaiting ears and further propel Aphelion into the limelight.

The album starts with the aptly named “Omnipresent”. The soothing ethereal undertones are matched with strong pulsating beats which drive the track onwards, entombing its listeners in the Aphelion world and encompassing the sonic surroundings. As the album progresses, there are moments where the beats dissolve leaving only a thoughtful ambience, one that is moving yet relaxing. One that defines the soundscape that revolves around us.

In a brief evolution, “Esq” is the only track to feature vocals. They fit into the mix effortlessly, but are sparse enough to not draw focus from the instrumental. Resembling some of the more vocal tracks on fellow electronic musician Apparat's newest album, it is a strong direction that will hopefully be pursued more in future outings.

Returning to the sedation, the album flows along its voyage. With brief unique touches layering the sound, it turns in different directions, leaving the listeners continually awaiting its next move and intrigued where it will go next. With an excellent start to their career, it is hoped that Aphelion will release greater things in the near future and that the wait is not that far away.
Posted on 21 Aug 2013 by Jason
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