CRL Studios Presents: PRV Compilation Reveiw
Track Listing
01 - Tokee - Predator
02 - Lucidstatic - Hollowed
03 - Access To Arasaka - Snow
04 - Tokee - 14th Dimension
05 - Lucidstatic - Vaportrail
06 - Access To Arasaka - Koi
07 - Tokee - The Magic Star
08 - Lucidstatic - End Of Us
09 - Access To Arasaka - Untitled

CRL Studios Presents: PRV, is a compilation of sorts, containing three brand new tracks by three of the largest artists related to the label, Lucidstatic (the artistic work of label founder James Church), Tokee and Access To Arasaka (first releases on the label out May 2013). Released as a gift to relieve some pressure on a friend, it fittingly gets its name, PRV (Pressure Relief Valve).

While all three artists bring their own unique sounds to the release, they blend together well to create an album full of electronic excellence. Blending together elements of IDM, Glitch and Industrial with occasional moments of Ambiance, the tracks flow smoothly and take the listeners on an aural journey through space and time.

The three tracks provided by Tokee, “Predator”, “14th Dimension” and “The Magic Star”, are all well-presented. Containing glitch elements over hard hitting beats, they combine with the softer IDM undertones to create unique compositions fitting to the tracks names.

Lucidstatic provide the most varied tracks on the release, “Hollowed”, “Vaportrail” and “End Of Us”. With the tracks all sounding distinctively different from each other it is clear that Lucidstatic has a wide range of skills to offer. Despite the differences however they are all noticeably the same artist. Be it the floatiness of “Vaportrail” or the low end rumblings of “End Of Us” every track Lucidstatic puts their mind too works in its composition. Furthermore they provide a nice transition between the two other artists, Tokee and Access To Arasaka.

Access To Arasaka provide the three softest (if you can call them that) outings, “Snow”, “Koi” and “Untitled”. They are also some of the longest tracks on the release, with 2 of them coming in at over 6 minutes. Despite length however the tracks are never dull and provide intriguing atmosphere, where even the smallest of details have been addressed. Combining long ambient notes with hard hitting beats, the tracks carry you softly along on their waves while thumping you down into your seat.
Posted on 23 May 2013 by Jason
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