Helalyn Flowers - White Me In Black Me Out Album Reveiw
Track Listing
1 - Before The Sunshine
2 - Collide
3 - White Me In Black Me Out
4 - Tribes Of The Future
5 - Alkaline Twins
6 - Electric Night
7 - Rid Of Me
8 - Shake
9 - Utopia
10 - Hi-Tech Medusa
11 - Lost In Translation

Nearly 4 years after the release of their last album “Stitches Of Eden”, Helalyn Flowers return with their third full length release “White Me In Black Me Out. The band have evolved to great lengths during their absence and the result is instantly noticeable. Plunging straight into dance floor friendly track “Before The Sunshine” it is clear that Helalyn Flowers have taken all the best bits of their previous releases and blended them together into one sonic whirlwind.

Drawing from the high energy output of their debut and the melodic synth lines of “Stitches Of Eden”, Helalyn Flowers add in an expanded knowledge of metal , something that has come to life as a result of guitarist Max’s recent side project, The Wet (a band that fuses tribal metal and industrial into one neat package), to complete the mix. If Helalyn Flowers didn’t already appeal to a large audience, their market just became more accessible than ever.

With a theme of clashing opposites running throughout the album (the symbolises behind the White and Black in the album’s title) the songs suitably fall into place, transferring you from one world to another. While the album starts with hard hitting “Black” songs, such as “Collide” and “Electric Night” it later calms down to the more relaxed “White” outings (“Utopia”, “Shake”). A cover of PJ Harvey track “Rid Of Me” also makes it onto the album but is possibly the weakest part of it, showing the band work to their strengths when composing themselves.

As well as the standard edition, the album is also released as a limited 2CD edition (something that is common upon the Alfa Matrix label). The bonus disk includes covers of tracks by The Ramones and 2 Unlimited as well numerous remixes by a wide range of artists such as Studio X and Inertia.
Posted on 23 May 2013 by Jason
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