Human Error - Endure Yourself Album Review
Track Listing
01 - There's Nothing
02 - Age Of The Ego
03 - An Era (For The Individual)
04 - The Exception To The Rule
05 - Endure Yourself
06 - Man-made Man
07 - The Spiral Instinct
08 - 51 Miles Up
09 - All I'll Ever Be
10 - Walk Away
11 - Endure Yourself (Mangadrive Remix)
12 - Endure Yourself (Access To Arasaka Remix)
13 - Endure Yourself (R.roo Remix)

While many artists stick to one genre to portray their sound, it is rare to find one that not only floats from one to another but does so all within the confides of an album. With Human Error being a project that’s aim is to create an emotional release that is unavailable through visual mediums there is no boundaries to the sound, yet as you progress through “Endure Yourself” no matter what genre you frequent there is still something tying them all together.

Ranging from ambience and IDM and ambiece to harder hitting industrial, it doesn’t matter whether your bouncing around in a glitchey soundscape or mellowing through an aural onslaught, what does matter is that you enjoy what you hear and notice the expression that’s gone into its creation.

After 10 new tracks, the album is rounded off with 3 remixes of the title track “Endure Yourself”. With prolific artists all enforcing their unique styles onto the track it gives them alternate outlooks from that of the original. Whether it is the psytranced high energy output of Mangadrive or the more soundscaped voyages of Access To Arasaka that you enjoy the most, the journey is nicely brought to a conclusion and finished in style.
Posted on 02 Apr 2013 by Jason
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