Aphelion - Aonarach EP Review
Track Listing
01 - Aonarach
02 - Eulogy
03 - Get Well
04 - Jupiter
05 - Aonarach Part 2 (featuring Access To Arasaka)

“Aonarach” is the debut EP by Aphelion and presents an ambience mix that is self-described as “a soundtrack for the space faring age”. It provides dreamy synths with endless reverb to float upon, helping create a soundscape of endless unknowns. Mixing in minimal elements of drone and the softest touch of IDM it varies the tracks and keeps them flowing nicely.

The EP opens, with (the first part) of the title track, “Aonarach”. A Gaelic word which stands for solidarity and loneliness. With the track being the most simplistic but emotional on the EP it encompasses its name well. With single chords being stung out until they fade into the background it is attentive to the slightest of detail. It’s not until the EP comes to its conclusion with the second part of the track, one that presents collaboration with Access To Arasaka, that the track fully progresses and builds up to something more complete

Second track, “Eulogy”, starts off with elements of drone drifting through the soundscape. These soon fade away to a well-placed beat, which shields the softness of the almost spoken vocal line.

“Get Well” returns to the lonely ambience feel of the opening track, starting with the synths, they are eventually met by a rolling three note bass line, the most minimal of touches but one that provides all that is needed for the track. To round it off a beat is then added to create the most complete sound on the release.

“Jupiter” rounds off the release with the longest track on the EP. Despite this however, it flows through and never allows the listener to drift off or become bored. The minutest changes in the sound allow it to progress and evolve into a sonic soundscape that takes the listener on a journey through time and space, before eventually coming back down to earth.

The release is available from CRL Studios bandcamp page - http://crlstudios.bandcamp.com/album/aonarach
Posted on 17 Mar 2013 by Jason
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