AAIMON - Flatliner Album Review
Track Listing
01 - current
02 - Black Cross
03 - CHOKE
04 - mirrors fade
06 - emptiness
08 - current - UNISON Remix
09 - Black Cross - Dead When I Found Her Remix
10 - FLATLINER - Encephalon Remix
11 - CHOKE - Chrysalide Remix
12 - mirrors fade Ceremonal Dagger
13 - Black Cross v01d Remix
14 - current ANDRAS Remix
15 - FLATLINER Haujobb Remix
16 - emptiness TEXTNBREAK Remix

With the witch house scene quickly growing, despite those involved in it wanting it to be a small unknown, it is no surprise that bands within the scene are starting to rise to the top of the genre and become some sort of pioneer. With most musical diversity at a standstill most genre pioneers are 40+ years old with the likes of David Bowie and Led Zepplin often being considered as some. However with the witch house scene bands only a couple of years old can (secretly) hope to one day be known as one of the ones who started it all, and AAIMON could be just that.

With Flatliner originally being released on the Tundra Dubs label as a 12”, it has now been expanded and put onto CD. The original 6 tracks are a dark atmospheric collaboration of electronics mixing together with haunting vocals. The vocals are provided by both members, one male and one female, to provide a nice mix. They complement each other excellently and fit in well with the instrumental underneath.

Expanding the CD are remixes from a variety of artists. The band throws themselves open to a wide range of influences and show they are not pigeon holed to one scene. As well as supporting fellow witch house acts such as Unison and The Ceremonal Dagger, there are also remixes from established Industrial and IDM acts such as Dead When I Found Her and Haujobb. Every remix sounds different from the last and with 6 out of 7 original tracks being given the remix treatment it keeps the release varied and exciting from start to finish. A great release with good extended content.
Posted on 04 Dec 2012 by Jason
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