Leaether Strip - Object AEP EP Review
Track Listing
01 - Kiss My Deutschland
02 - Cardiac Arrest
03 - Strong Women - Hardcore Females
04 - Power Trip
05 - The March Of Man
06 - Mirrors
07 - It Happened On Christmas Day
08 - Kiss My Deutschland (FGFC820 Remix)
09 - Kiss My Deutschland (Glory Hole Mix by Needle Sharing)
10 - Cardiac Arrest (Instrumental)

The last Leaether Strip album, Untold Stories, was a break from their normal sound. A break much needed in order to create what was to become a highly emotional and heart felt album. However with Object AEP, Leaether Strip return to their glory days. Their sound goes back to the high tempo dancefloor filling EBM they are known for. If thats not enough the EP's track listings contains everything it should do. There are numerous bands putting out EP's full of endless remixes of the same track, however Leaether Strip present not 1, not 2, not even 5, but 7 new tracks. Yes there is a couple of remixes and an instrumental track thrown in, but really they are just bonus material.

With the opening track, Kiss My Deutschland, Leaether Strip have created a track that could easily match up to their previous classics. Classic tracks like Japanese Bodies, that have become key parts of the live set, that has recently come to life. It has a non stop synth melody that will get any EBM fan dancing and instantly sets the EP off to a very high standard.

The next few tracks contain more enjoyable moments, before returning to another dancefloor stomp on the suitably named Power Trip.

The March Of Man, is the slowest and most relaxing track on the EP, returning to the melancholy sound used in the last full album. It creates an ambience not present on the rest of the album and provides listeners a nice moment to think, or pause for breath.

The final track, It Happened On Christmas Day, is a somewhat more fun and merry outting. Although electronic, it is designed to sound like a Celtic drinking tune with the synths impressionating the bagpipes and the vocals designed in a very sing a long style. Although not a dancefloor filler it is nice to see artists that are releasing only for themselves.

The remixes and instrumental contain nice additions that should not be overlooked although with enough good new material to warrent purchasing the EP it is simply extra goodies.
Posted on 31 Oct 2012 by Jason
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