Metroland - Mind The Gap Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Enjoying The View
02 - Mind The Gap
03 - Inner City Transport
04 - M-E-T-R-O
05 - Interchange Station
06 - Theme For Metroland
07 - Harry Beck
08 - Travelling
09 - Moscow Main
10 - T.F.L
11 - The Passanger
12 - Its More Fun To Commute
13 - Much More Fun

“Mind The Gap” is the debut album of Metroland. As the name somewhat suggests, this is both an album and a band with their entire concept based around the underground train system, something that features in cities all over the world.

Musically the album presents an electronic journey filled with catchy sequences and synth lines, all nicely brought to life with an analogue drum machine. Drawing together influences both old and new from the likes of Kraftwerk to newer acts such as Komputer and I Start Counting, Metroland have developed a great sound that many of the more instrumental musicians would be proud of. Despite being instrumental there are even elements of 80s synthpop bands such as Pet Shop Boys in some of Metroland’s tracks.

The album has already spawned two singles in the form of “The Passenger” and “Enjoying The View”. Both tracks excellently promote the musical skill of Metroland and provide a great access point for people to get into the band.

However good the album may be musically, the concept somewhat lets the release down. With most of the tracks being hard to distinguish a connection between their supposed title and the sound the track releases. The odd couple of train related samples or robotic vocal lines bring it slightly closer to its concept, but it is far from justifying the entirety of the release. It will be intriguing to see how long this project lasts before the band themselves get stuck on ideas.
Posted on 28 Sep 2012 by Jason
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