Stray - Letting Go Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Surround Me To Passage D
02 - Remember Me
03 - Let Me Go
04 - The Failure Epiphany
05 - Out Of Place
06 - No Vacancy
07 - Low and Lower
08 - 31 and Falling
09 - All I Wanted
10 - Obsolete
11 - Miles From Here

Stray is the side project of Unter Null’s Erica Dunham. If Unter Null was the storm, then Stray is the calm that precedes it. With all the Stray tracks being a lot softer and melodic then their Unter Null counterparts it is a platform for Erica to display her more emotional work and show that there is more to her than the distorted anger and pulsating beats that Unter Null possesses.

With 4 years or so having passed since the last Stray album was released, debut album “Abuse By Proxy”, with “Letting Go” Erica has had a lot of time to mould the material into the sound she desires. While some tracks have more obvious writing dates, such as the reinterpretation of Unter Null track “The Failure Epiphany” taken from the 2005 album of the same name, it is unclear how old some of the other material is.

“Letting Go” presents a nice album mixing together piano with electronic beats. Having created a somewhat IDM type style the instrumental is then combined with a clean cut vocal track to create the finished project that is Stray. With every track diving deep into Erica’s heart, delivering such tracks as “Out Of Place” and “Obsolete” it is clear just from the titles what they are about. With the lyrics being well thought out to match it is a heart-warming approach to a subject that effects so many.

Like the success of her Unter Null project, Erica has once again brought out a top quality album which will help establish her as one of the prominent forces in the more underground electronic scene.
Posted on 15 Jun 2012 by Jason
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