Freakangel - Let It All End Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Erasing The Distance
02 - I Am Not Yours
03 - Parasite
04 - Porcelain Doll
05 - A Product Of Hate
06 - Let It All End
07 - Mutual Forms Of Bleeding
08 - Disease
09 - Used
10 - We Only Live Once

A couple of years after their debut release, Freakangel return with their second album, “Let It All End”. Having evolved as a band during their time away, the band have learnt each other’s styles and are now working tighter than ever. Their sound now takes on a greater industrial metal element than on their previous release, but that is not to say the other elements of their sound have been lost.

With standout tracks including “Parasite” and “Porcelain Doll”, Freakangel are appealing to a huge audience. Whether you want to mosh to the guitars or dance to the synth all is acceptable and wouldn’t for a second look out of place. Whichever you wish to partake in the harsh beats will keep you driving onwards in an enjoyable direction. The sounds are blended together as one to create an onslaught of emotion that will pierce your ear drums and create bliss at the same time.

With female vocals from Psy-Aviah singer Emelie Nicolai added in on “Porcelain Doll” and “Mutual Forms Of Bleeding”, Freakangel prove that there is nothing they cannot do, with good results coming out of every sound in question.

While on the whole it may not be quite as strong as their debut release it is clear that Freakangel are moving in the right direction and have the potential to be a reckoning force on the scene. They are getting their name out there and with live shows even more powerful than their recorded efforts it will not be long before they start appearing on the high profile tour supports they deserve.
Posted on 15 Jun 2012 by Jason
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