Psyche - As The Brain Collapses Album Review
Track Listing
01 - The Brain Collapses
02 - Mr Eyeball Ooze
03 - Wrench
04 - The Saint Becomes A Lush
05 - The Crawler (Dark Side Re-Edit)
06 - Caught In The Act
07 - Nocturnal Passenger (Exclusive Mix)
08 - Dreamstreet
09 - Children Carry Knives
10 - Mind Over Matter
11 - Unveiling The Secret
12 - Screamin' Machine
13 - Waiting For The Stranger
14 - Misery
15 - Insatiable (Chamber Mix)
16 - Prisoner To Desire (Intoxicated Remaster)

With a career spanning over 30 years, Psyche have always been a presence on the dark electro scene. Having overcome numerous obstacles on the way they have pushed from strength to strength to make sure they never fade into the background. With “As The Brain Collapses” you are presented with a career spanning compilation containing all of their best hits such as “Unveiling the Secret” and “Misery”. Mixed in for good measure you will also find a couple of remixes and exclusive mixes to make sure there is something new for everyone. With so many releases under their belt only a true collector would have heard the entire collection of material Psyche have produced over the years.

While compilation albums are somewhat harder to review than regular albums with “As The Brain Collapses” Psyche have done nothing wrong. As with any best of they are designed more to be a new fans first experience or for a casual fan to obtain all the tracks they like without spending out endless amounts of money purchasing all the filler tracks that so many regular albums contain. “As The Brain Collapses” does just that. With the CD length being pushed to near its maximum with 16 tracks and over 70 minutes of music it is a worthy compilation that will help any electro fan enjoy a pioneering band.
Posted on 15 Jun 2012 by Jason
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