Thyx - This Way Home Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Spoil
02 - My Own Little World
03 - The Way Home
04 - Underdive
05 - Black Hole
06 - Awsome
07 - Snow In July
08 - In The Past
09 - Into The Realm
10 - No Voices
11 - Crack It

Thyx is the side project of mind.in.a.box mastermind Stefan Poiss. After a teaser single “Into The Realm” was released nearly a year prior they have at last released their debut album, “This Way Home”.

“This Way Home” is an album that will instantly appeal to all fans of mind.in.a.box and should be given a chance by any fan of more experimental electronic music. It contains catchy synth melodies and driving beats, as well as some emotional well thought out lyrics. Although not the typical “dance floor” sound the vast majority of the tracks have the ability to fit into an electronic DJ’s set with great results. Like mind.in.a.box the basis behind a lot of the music of Thyx is about getting lost in the music and developing your own world. Thyx is considered by Stefan as “The wave between sound and resonance”.

Despite it being a great sounding album however it appears to sound very similar to that of mind.in.a.box. While that may not be a bad thing, it does not instantly appear to be a separate project, more just a collection of tracks that do not fit into the concept that runs so heavily throughout mind.in.a.box’s main albums. Admittedly Thyx is Stefan’s solo project however the creative input of the other members of mind.in.a.box is unclear.
Posted on 14 Jun 2012 by Jason
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