Saltillo - Monocyte / Monocyte: The Lapis Coil Album / EP Review
Track Listing
CD - Monocyte
01 - ABEO
02 - Proxy
03 - If Wishes Were Catholic
04 - The Right Of Action
05 - They All Do It the Same
06 - Gatekeepers
07 - I Hate You
08 - Forced Vision
09 - Hollow
10 - The Locus Priory
11 - Veil
12 - To Kill A King

Vinyl - Monocyte: The Lapis Coil
01 - Proxy
02 - If Wishes Were Catholic (Remix)
03 - The Right Of Action (Remix)
04 - Gatekeepers
05 - The Locus Priory
06 - Necromancy

With Monocyte, the second album from Chicago based electronica band Saltillo you get more than just an audio treat. For Monocyte is a concept album based around the comic series of the same name. With the comic also having been drawn and co-written by the artist behind Saltillo, mention3, it combines nicely with the album to create a great multimedia product. The visual aesthetics of the comic are a delight no matter if you are a fan of contemporary art or comic books themselves.

Most of the tracks on Monocyte are an instrumental blend of electronics and cello. The electronics provide the basis with violins and cellos providing intricate details over the top of the works. With the two combined together they create a force that is relaxing and calm, yet danceable at the same time. Other than the occasional sample the only tracks to have proper vocal parts are “If Wishes Were Catholic” and “Veil”. Providing some nice female vocals throughout the tracks, they fit in nicely with the feel of the rest of the album and do not pull away from the ambience and essence the album creates throughout.

In addition to the basic album there is also a vinyl edition, “Monocyte: The Lapis Coil”. This EP contains a small sample of the tracks from the album as well as a couple of remixes and a brand new track, exclusive to the release. The Remixes unfortunately do not add anything new; they are both quite similar to the original versions just with a bit of the filler taken out. That said both the tracks in question “If Wishes Were Catholic” and “The Right Of Action” are great tracks to begin with so if the remix version is the first you are hearing of the tracks you will not be disappointed.
Posted on 09 Jun 2012 by Jason
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