Essence Of Mind - Indifference Album Review
Track Listing
01 - The Opening
02 - It's Killing You
03 - Indifference
04 - Some Kind Of Entertainment
05 - Into The Night
06 - Scars
07 - No Denial
08 - Retreat
09 - Aldri Mer
10 - Desperate Times
11 - In Line

After a few years absence, Essence of Mind return with their third album, “Indifference”. In the past couple of years Essence of Mind have honed in their sound to create a blend of their past two albums, “Insurrection” and “Try and Fall”. Taking all the best bits and combining them into a sound they can call their own. Essence of Mind are now in their best position yet to create an impact on the scene.

“Indifference” is a 45 minute whirlwind encompassing the hard dance floor fillers such as “Its Killing You” and the softer melodic tracks, such as teaser single “In The Night”. If that’s not enough, “Aldri Mer” presents Essence Of Minds first non-English language track, with the track being performed in their native Norwegian. With “Indifference” everything is shaken up nicely to keep the listener engaged from start to finish.

Essence of Mind have created a good album which has the potential to push them in the right direction. They have developed their sound and have reached a point where they can progress to bigger things.
Posted on 18 May 2012 by Jason
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