Alien Vampires - Clubbers Die Younger EP Review
Track Listing
01 - Harsh and Rotten
02 - Clubbers Die Younger
03 - Acid Orgy (feat. Sonya Scarlet - Theatres Des Vampires)
04 - Dark Skies
05 - Dark Skies (feat. Sonya Scarlet - Theatres Des Vampires)
06 - Clubbers Die Younger (remix by Waste)
07 - Clubbers Die Younger (remix by Chainreactor)
08 - Clubbers Die Younger (remix by C-Lekktor)
09 - Harsh and Rotten (remix by Amduscia)

After there last album, Harshlizer, gained them the attention they strived for, all Alien Vampires now have to do is keep their output at the same high standard. Making sure every track is as good, if not better than the last. To help show they mean business they have released an EP to bide the time between albums and make sure they do not become forgotten.

With the somewhat risque imagery that is becoming a key element of the band, Alien Vampires once again provide album artwork to instantly catch attention. The business proving statement that they enjoy what they do and that’s all that matters. So just sit down, listen to their music and enjoy what you hear.

With Clubbers Die Younger, Alien Vampires essentially provide 4 new tracks, backed up with some alternative versions and remixes. The original versions of the tracks all carry on nicely from the high standard set with their previous album. Once again providing a nice blend of harsh electronic beats, distorted vocals, crashing guitars and danceable synths, Alien Vampires have kept the tempo high and are bound to keep the dance floors full.

The remixes are all distinctive and present good alternatives to the originals. Alien Vampires have also chosen a nice mix of bands to undertake the remix procedure. Giving both more established acts such as C-Lekktor, as well as more up and coming bands, Chainreactor, the chance to release their fury on the tracks.

With the EP being limited to only 500 copies it is bound to sell out and be a highly sort after CD in years to come. Alien Vampires may not be the biggest band to walk the planet quite yet but already some of their earlier releases are incredibly hard to find. So get it while you still can and enjoy the onslaught.
Posted on 30 Mar 2012 by Jason
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