mind.in.a.box - Revelations Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Remember
02 - Cause and Effect
03 - Transition
04 - Doubt
05 - Control
06 - Fragments
07 - Unknown
08 - Not Afraid
09 - Second Reality
10 - Sanctuary

After taking a break from their regular sound, to present their most successful album to date, R.E.T.R.O, mind.in.a.box return to where they began. Picking up on the concept that has drifted through their first three releases and continuing the story on. For those of you unaware the concept is based around Black, a man working undercover for the agency, tracking the sleepwalkers and the world of the Dreamweb, a musical parallel existence where everything is shifted through sound. In “revelations” the story progresses by Black finding many of the answers he had been searching for and facts being drawn together to complete himself.

The album contains an excellent mix of melodic synth sounds nicely layered with well-crafted lyrics, which clearly and concisely tell the story the album sets out to tell. With an elegant blend of clean vocals male and female, whisked up with synthesised vocal effects it creates a range of sounds from what can often by the most monotone “instrument” in any bands release. While mind.in.a.box may not be anything new and ground breaking what they are is a band that is quickly shaping their sound to something that works well and creates something instantly recognisable. A sound that can be called theirs and not a mere copy of older bands in the scene.

With “revelations” not only have mind.in.a.box grown their fan base but they have stepped it up a notch, they have crafted together a top quality release that leaves them worthy of the success they have been searching for. Whether you have followed the band from the beginning, first heard about them with the release of R.E.T.R.O , or just looking for a new band to enjoy, “revelations” is an album noteworthy on any electro fans cd shelf.
Posted on 30 Mar 2012 by Jason
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