Ex_Tension - Desert EP Review
Track Listing
01 - Desert
02 - Journey
03 - Aura
04 - Tension 6
05 - Desert (Remix)

6 years on “Ex_Tension” have rereleased one of their earliest albums “Desert” in a way that will appeal to all fans both old and new. For those that have followed the band long enough to own the original release, get to experience 2 previously unreleased bonus tracks as well as a remix of the title track. Between the added tracks the length of the album is nearly doubled, providing plenty of new listening experiences. For newer fans or even those who are yet to hear the band they are presented with an array of tracks which instantly show the abilities of a band that started presenting good electronica / ambient sounds from the very beginning.

With the title track coming in at a whopping 32 minutes in length it instantly makes it hard for any band to sustain the listener’s attention throughout, even more so for an instrumental one. However “Ex_Tension” have it timed to perfection, just as you are starting to reach your limit the sound changes, adding new layers, new sounds, with each section nicely progressing onto the next.

Original companion track, “Journey” as well as new tracks, “Aura” and “Tension” contain some nice old school industrial beats in the style of Skinny Puppy and Nitzer Ebb played alongside more ethereal ambient moments to make a sound which transcends multiple genres.

The album finishes with one of the most interesting remixes to date. Although presented as one track, the remix is actually made up of 5 different bands version of the track all linked together in roughly 4 to 5 minute chunks. Containing remixes by “Access To Araska”, “Totakeke”, “Zentriert ins Antlitz”, “Geomatic” and “Sonic Area” the bands have nicely collaborated between each other to create a fresh new remix that sounds varied enough from the original yet flows nicely from part to part.
Posted on 23 Sep 2011 by Jason
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