Haujobb - Dead Market EP Review
Track Listing
01 - Dead Market
02 - Dead Market (Extended Remix)
03 - Dead Market (The Horrorist Remix)
04 - Dead Market (Exes Remix)
05 - Letting The Demon Sleep (Nightmare)
06 - Dead Market (Nomenklatur Remix)
07 - Dead Market (Absolute Body Control Remix)
08 - Dead Market (Engineers Dub)

With “Dead Market”, “Haujobb” return from 6 years away from the scene with a nice teaser to their new album “New World March”. It see’s them taking on another new chapter in their ever changing sound to push them forward back into the spotlight.

For the title track “Dead Market” you are presented with an almost minimal mix of drum beat and dirty electro sounds. Danial Myers’s vocals however make it a truly catchy track, which will have you singing before the track is out.

The same minimal approach starts of the companion track “Letting The Demons Sleep (Nightmare)” however this is soon evolved into some complex synth work which shows off the bands past potential.

Despite the quality of the two new tracks however, some of the remixes let the EP down a bit, with “The Horrorist Remix” and “Absolute Body Control Remix” simply sounding too similar to the original. Either due to the only noticeable change being the intro and outro or a slight tempo change throughout the track, they are not up to the high standard Haujobb releases would normally expect. With that said however a couple of the remixes, “Engineers Dub” and “Nomenklatur Remix” shake things up enough to be a worthy listen.
Posted on 23 Sep 2011 by Jason
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