Surgyn - Vanity Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Beauty
02 - Sever
03 - The Stranger
04 - Code Black
05 - Aesthetics
06 - Faceless
07 - Haemmorrhage
08 - Speak No More
09 - Hit The Nerve
10 - Agony

While Scotland may not be the most well known places for top artists to come from, Surgyn are their to break the reputation. With top performances at DV8 Festival as well as supporting some of the scenes biggest names it was about time their debut album hit the world.

With their debut album, “Vanity”, Surgyn zoom straight to the top of their game and are show why they are easily becoming one of the UK’s most promising prospects. Starting off with “Sever” you instantly hear what Surgyn are about. With a hard hitting beat, distorted synth melodies and a twin vocal attack behind them, Surgyn add the little extra component to stop them sounding like all the generic bands already on the scene.

As the album progress it dives through a wide variety of tracks, including the full versions of those that were previously demoed on their sampler, “Aesthetics”, “The Stranger” and “Faceless”. Having been finished off and mastered all tracks have been dramatically improved and now create a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately last track “Hit The Nerve” sounds slightly too similar to that of the first “Sever” but that is merely a minor setback as it is one of the best tracks on the album, Overall Surgyn have created what is scheduled to be one of the best debut releases of 2011.

As an added bonus, the Deathwatch Asia re-release of the album contains exclusive remixes by the likes of Soman and Modulate, to name but a few, which shows just how much recognition they are already receiving from some of the top names around.
Posted on 26 Jul 2011 by Jason
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