Stendeck - Scintilla Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Hold My Hand High In The Sky Ready For The Deep Dive
02 - Feel The Flames Burning Inside Me
03 - Catch The Midnight Girl
04 - Tired Figures Wave Goodbye In The Backdrop Of A Sinking Boat
05 - Tight Aroun Her Throat She Slips Away
06 - Like Snowflakes On My Fingers
07 - Run Amok (Against Time Rebels)
08 - Swimmers In A Sleepless Hour
09 - Voiceless Wishes Flicker In The Shattered Mist
10 - Six'Door Bedroom
11 - That Foolish Fascination Of A Ghose Light Collector
12 - Why Did We Get So Far?
13 - Learning How to Walk Through Walls
14 - Last Night An Angel Fell On A Motorway
15 - Thieves Of Watercolour Memories
16 - The Silence After This
17 - Crimson Clouds Cascade

With the sound off thumping tribal drums, making the earth quake and beckoning in Stendeck’s return it’s not long until the soothing piano sounds mix in with it to mark their arrival. With 2 years having past since Stendeck’s last release, “Sonnambula”, graced our shores anticipation had risen amongst their fans for a new release. At last it is hear, in the form of “Scintilla”.

The album that follows contains a nice blend of ethereal synth lines and harsh noise beats, all divinely combined with distorted memories to create a nicely crafted release. With moments that suck you into the tranquillity being hastily destroyed by clashes of thunder it is a rollercoaster ride of aural experiences that prove a worthy listen.

Not wanting to cut their fans short, Stendeck have made excellent use of the CD’s capacity by providing “Scintilla” with over 70 minutes of listening experiences. Compiling of 17 tracks with many hitting the four and a half minute mark it could have been easy for them to of let their tracks drift on and start to get tiring. However this is far from the case. With constant turns to keep every track sounding fresh and new, Stendeck have worked well to make an album which keeps them at their best.
Posted on 16 Jul 2011 by Jason
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