Cylix - Alpha Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Enter
02 - So Much For Love
03 - Miles Divide
04 - Heal Me
05 - Don't Let Me Fade
06 - Keine Zeit
07 - In My Veins
08 - Deepest Fear
09 - Exit
10 - So Much For Love (Lights Of Euphoria Cafe Mix)
11 - Heal Me (Psyche After Hours Mix)

Alpha, the debut album of Greek Synthpop act Cylix instantly draws you in. From the bouncy synth melody played throughout the intro track, “Enter”, to the pounding electro beats which mix in nicely with it halfway through, it is clear that Cylix have worked hard towards producing the best debut release they could manage.

The tracks that follow contain a nice mix of material suitable for any dance floor as well as slower synthpop “ballads”. With every track having merits in its own right it is rare to hear an album of such high standards even from the more establish acts.

With dance floor friendly tracks such as “So Much For Love” and “Don’t Let Me Fade” listeners are bound to be kept dancing from start to finish. With Cylix having combined vocals and synth melodies of synthpop acts such as De/vision and Mesh with harder EBM beats, their sound is modern and upbeat and should draw them in a wide fan base.

For those not as fussed about stomping away on the dance floor, slower tracks “Heal Me” and “Keine Zeit” slow down the tempo to mellow out the electronic sounds and present something different.

If the album itself hasn’t been enough to convince you bonus remix’s by synthpop pioneers Psyche as well as by well established act Lights Of Euphoria show just how well Cylix are doing for themselves and may just convert those who are yet to make up their minds.
Posted on 19 May 2011 by Jason
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