Blutengel - Tranenherz Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Tranenherz - Prologue
02 - Uber der Horizont
03 - The Lost Children
04 - Save Me
05 - Irgendwann
06 - The Watcher
07 - Ordinary Darkness
08 - Reich mir die Hand
09 - Down On My Knees
10 - Doomsday
11 - Undone
12 - The End
13 - Das andere Ich
14 - Ein Augenblick
15 - Trananherz - Outro

2 years after the release of their last studio album, “Schwarzes Eis”, Blutengel are back with their newest release “Tranenherz”. Once again the album is presented in a variety of editions ranging from the standard one disk release to a highly limited 3cd box set complete with glossy photo book. Presentation and exclusivity have always been something of the highest importance to Blutengel and their fans with many of their previous releases receiving similar treatment.

Having been preceded by a single release of “Reich mir die Hand” a month earlier, Blutengel have started returning to their roots. With their sound fusing together a huge spectrum of genres they have created a sound that leaves them stuck in the centre of a love triangle between goth, synthpop and ebm. This leaves them with a truly unique sound that despite a lengthy history very few bands have attempted to copy since.

The vocals of lead man Chris Pohl are deep and haunting which are in deep contrast to the soothing female vocals that flow alongside him. Both vocal styles fit nicely over the catchy synth beats and work well to compliment each other.

With tracks ranging from soothing vampiric ballads such as “Save Me” and “Ordinary Darkness” to the more dance floor friendly danceable tracks such as “Irgendwann” and “Das andere Ich”. Tranenherz contains tracks suitable for every audience and is sure to win the band new fans on top of there already healthy fan base.

With follow up single “Uber den Horizont” set to follow a month after the albums release. Blutengel have once again created a nice package for fans both old and new to experience the newest offering.
Posted on 24 Mar 2011 by Jason
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