Kommand & Kontrol - Full Front Assault
Track Listing
01 - I Promise
02 - Fight It (Remix)
03 - Dystopia
04 - What's Wrong
05 - Secret Police

With their second EP, Kommand & Kontrol set out to reinvent themselves as an upcoming force to be reckoned with. On “Full Frontal Assault”, Kommand & Kontrol, take the duel drum elements off their first EP, “Dead Ground Ahead” and combine them with a more melodic electronic sound.

With the entire EP being almost instrumental, apart from a few samples in “Secret Police”, Kommand & Kontrol show off their new sound to the full range of their ability. Presenting 4 new tracks alongside a much improved remix of debut EP track “Fight It”, the EP contains a high energy danceable mix of tracks with a sound that leaves them half way between old school industrial bands like DAF and newer ones such as Nachtmahr.

Although the EP may only be 23 minutes in length, it presents a good starting point for a full length album and should help to push Kommand & Kontrol in the direction they are after. With the release being limited edition it may even make it one of those rare first releases fans of big bands hunt for 10 years down the line.
Posted on 24 Mar 2011 by Jason
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