Incubite - Toxicum Album Review
Track Listing
01 - You People...
02 - Judgement Day
03 - Deafening
04 - Glowsticks, Neon & Blood
05 - Hell Instructor
06 - Preparing Hatred
07 - Ich Hasse Dich
08 - Blasphemie
09 - Muschitanz
10 - Toxicum (Ready To Exterminate)
11 - King Of Beats
12 - Rifle Corps
13 - WW3

Playing a genre of music which often results in the vast majority of bands sounding similar, it is no surprise that there are distinct similarities between Incubite and some of the other bands on the scene. However luckily for Incubite, their sound is that to rival those at the top. Those like label mates S.A.M. and that is no bad thing.

With their debut album Toxicum, Incubite have drawn together elements of some of the top bands around, to release what could be one of the best debuts of 2011. They fuse together harsh distortion with danceable melodies, grinding in the occasional guitar and finishing off with some vocal samples.

Tracks like “Glowsticks, Neon & Blood” and “Muschitanz” are easily worthy of becoming regular club hits; they are catchy, full of energy and instantly recognisable. The rest of the album is by no means left in the dust either. Nearly every track could be played on a rammed dance floor without driving people away.

While some tracks rely more on the danceable melodies, others rely on the harsh distorted beats, however which ever path the track follows it is clear that Incubite know their stuff and will soon be appearing on dance floors worldwide.
Posted on 18 Mar 2011 by Jason
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