Joe Black - Sex, Drugs & Vaudeville Album Review
Track Listing
01 - The Rumour Song
02 - No Butts
03 - Seance (Evoking Little Kittie)
04 - Poltergeist For Me
05 - The Stalker Song
06 - Soon I'm A Spinster
07 - The Last One (Drunken Sailor)

When relying so heavily on visuals and performance, it can often be hard for a performer to transfer their tracks from the stage to a CD, but with “Sex, Drugs & Vaudeville”, Joe Black has contained all the energy and emotion into his voice to create an audial version of the cabaret.

Mixing his often comical lyrics over the sound of the piano and combining them with kazoos and whatever other instruments he comes across, Joe performs his own unique style that takes his listeners on a journey through a somewhat bitter and twisted world. But then if everything was normal where would be the fun in that.

Diving head first into songs about sexual pleasures (or turn off’s) and coming out the other side summoned up as a poltergeist, there really is nothing that isn’t possible within Mister Black’s world. What must be noted however is the moments which you are lucky enough to hear recorded contain only a glimpse of the debauchery that is entailed within. While Sex, Drugs & Vaudeville may present an excellent introduction, or life lasting souvenir of Joe Black, it is only the start of a somewhat top class performer.
Posted on 10 Mar 2011 by Jason
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