Komor Kommando - Oil Steel & Rhythm Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Rhythem Machine
02 - The Factory Incident
03 - Shrapnel
04 - Atrapado
05 - Predator (feat. Shascha of KMFDM)
06 - Triggerfinger
07 - BoomTscheeKah
08 - Natural Born Filler (Hellbound)
09 - Hasta Luego
10 - Slaves Of Machines
11 - Does Not Fuck Around
12 - State Of Destruction
13 - Das Oontz
14 - Mambo Nr.808
15 - Blues ‘N’ Tubes

Following on from the giant smash hit that was “Das EP”, the long awaited debut album of Komor Kommando is now unleashed upon us. Carrying on from where he left off “Oil Steel & Rhythm” is full of dance floor friendly club hits which are bound to get people stomping worldwide.

With such a vast history, Seb Komor is probably one of the most prolific musicians on the Industrial scene. With credits such as Icon Of Coil and Zombie Girl, as both a musician and a producer already behind him it is clear he knows his stuff and Komor Kommando is no exception to that.

The album starts of gently nicely building up with a slightly slower opening track Rhythm Machine, from the second track in though it rarely stops for air with the synths being pushed to their limits.

Predator is a nice change to the other tracks on the album, featuring the vocals of Sascha from KMFDM, it provides something new compared to the mostly instrumental tracks featured on the rest of the album. The vocals however do make it sound slightly more like a KMFDM track then something you would expect from Komor Kommando.

Returning to the instrumental sound, the album progresses with some top quality club tracks. Full of hard hitting beats and catchy synth melodies, the tracks are loud, harsh and dirty. With every one adding a new element to the monster Komor Kommando are starting to become, they are showing no signs of slowing down.

As the album draws towards a close, it receives a welcome return from one of the biggest hits on “Das EP”. “Das Oontz” became an instant success in clubs and nicely fits in with the new material on “Oil Steel & Rhythm”.
Posted on 18 Feb 2011 by Jason
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