Nachtmahr, Uberbyte, Kommand & Kontrol & Method Cell - Saturday 5th February 2011 - Islington Academy, London, UK - Live Review
With an early start working against them, the audience is pretty sparse as Method Cell take to the stage. In addition their brand of synthpop doesn’t really fit in with the harsh industrial sounds of the bands that follow. Despite early signs working against them it doesn’t take long for the band to convert a large chunk of the audience to their sound, gaining numerous fans who continuously dance throughout the set.

Next to take the stage is Kommand & Kontrol, the band have progressed with huge leaps since they last played in London. They now posses a stronger sound and a new look, which combined provide a highly entertaining stage show. The sound is full of harsh beats which are provided by numerous duel drum assaults from both members. Despite their new approach however their old school sound doesn’t get the biggest reaction of the night from the younger audience.

As Uberbyte take to the stage the audience is starting to fill out a bit. With over a year since their last London appearance, their fans are eagerly awaiting their performance. With so many fans egger to see the band again, especially after the cancellation of their December show in Slimelight, they provide a good warm up for Nachtmahr.

As Nachtmahr take to the stage, the audience instantly spring into life. Thomas Rainer has the stage presence that demands respect right from the start and he is suitably obeyed. With uniformed girls, who have now started to become a trademark part of the Nachtmahr image, standing in the background, Thomas takes his fans through a set full of classic material from the bands back catalogue. The material goes down a storm and is full of non stop dancing from the audience. Although it may not have been the biggest turn out from a band on the EBM scene, Nachtmahr are certainly making an impact, providing one of those shows that is highly memorable for those who were in attendance.
Posted on 18 Feb 2011 by Jason
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