F.O.D - Maschinentanz Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Dirty Pop
02 - Kreutzritter
03 - Angels
04 - Jung und Stolz
05 - Maschinentanz
06 - Mein Herz
07 - Humanoid
08 - I Know
09 - Distance
10 - Schlaflied

2 years after the release of “Synthesizer Tanzmusik”, F.O.D return with their newest offering “Maschinentanz”. Musically tying in perfectly with its predecessor, F.O.D has found a sound that works for them and has started using it to the best of their ability. Having already played gigs with the likes of And One, the sound is clearly enjoyed by others too. Once more the single change to their sound on the new release is the addition of former Blutengel, “Eva Poelzing”, something that can only make the band sound stronger.

“Maschinentanz” contains a variety of tracks with a mix of lyrics written in both English and German. The lyrics tackle are mainly centred around love, although occasionally dip off into other subjects. Regardless though the lyrics are deep and meaningful with topics such as saving the one that matters to you and meeting the person you can only dream of. They are sung in a style often reminiscent of Icon Of Coil mixed in with the female Blutengel vocals of Eva Poelzing. The rest of the band provides some dance floor friendly EBM melodies which range from steady background beats to up tempo advanced electronic sounds. The synth sounds are layered in a way that build up throughout the verses ready for full on explosions in the chorus to help get everyone dancing.

With “Maschinentanz” F.O.D are going from strength to strength and more then welcome the addition of “Eva Poelzing”. It wouldn’t be a surprise if they soon start to tackle the rest of Europe with their club filling sound.
Posted on 21 Jan 2011 by Jason
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