I:Scintilla - Dying & Falling Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Swimmers Can Drown
02 - Sharia Under A Beauty Curse
03 - Ammunition
04 - Worth The Wait
05 - Mothership
06 - Dying & Falling
07 - Face The Kill
08 - The Shake
09 - Prey On You
10 - Shattered
11 - Omen

After a few years of silence, I:Scintilla return with their third studio album to date, “Dying & Falling”. The time away has seen them grow in popularity after a successful US tour in 2008 with The Cruxshadows and Ayria and has increased the desire for a new album.

With “Dying & Falling”, I:Scintilla, once again push the boundaries of various genres, crossing over from one to another and then drifting back to where they begin. With no two tracks sounding the same it wouldn’t be I:Scintilla if it was any other way. The only noticeable connection between the tracks, are the powerful vocals of lead vocalist, Brittany Bindrim.

Where as some tracks are full of electro synthesized melodies (“Pray On You”, “Worth The Wait”), others (“Ammunition”, “Shattered”) are metal heavy sonic assaults. Full of pounding drum beats and distorted guitar sounds. If that wasn’t enough there was even peaceful slower tracks (“Dying & Falling”, “The Shake”) just incase things get that little bit too much.

The range of genres within the tracks make it hard to compare I:Scintilla to anyone out there, or The Shake sounding almost reminiscent of Evanescence. But with previous releases containing remixes by the likes of Combichrist and Clan Of Xymox to name but a few its clear the bigger names on the scene approve and are taking note.
Posted on 17 Jan 2011 by Jason
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