Inertia - Deworlded Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Deworld
02 - Anticulture
03 - Feed
04 - Feline Fantasy
05 - Repeat & Follow
06 - Alien
07 - Strange Familiar
08 - Gone
09 - Fallout
10 - Round And Round
11 - Capture

After a three year break from original material. Inertia return with their newest offering to date, “Deworlded”. With only covers album “Kloned” in place to bridge the gap, it is something that fans will feel is long overdue, but equally well worth the wait.

The time away has allowed the band to develop their skills and given them the ability to work closer together as songwriters and the effects are clearly obvious. With the previously released teaser single “Repeat & Follow” being anything to go by it holds a good grasp of the album as a whole without being the best thing the album has to offer.

The album starts off with some strong but slightly lengthy tracks. The tracks are full of catchy synth lines and powerful vocals, held together with a sturdy beat all nicely mixed together with sparsely placed but maximally effective guitars.

In a nice change to the male vocals of lead vocalist Reza Udhin, “Feline Fantasy” and “Gone” are mostly sung by female drummer and backing vocalist, Alexys B. Although the vocals arnt quite as strong, they are by no means bad tracks and provides nice break up points from the rest of the album.

In contrast to the danceable high energy tracks that fill the album, Inertia also include a slower track, “Alien”. It is a track which can only be described as the electro equivalent of a rock ballad, and is the perfect moments for people to get out there lighters and wave them in the air, or whatever they do in the industrial world.

It may have been a long wait for Inertia fans but the time was needed to put the band in their best position to date, they may have had a lengthy carear already, but Inertia are still just warming up and are aiming to head onto bigger and better things in years to come.
Posted on 15 Jan 2011 by Jason
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