Dexy Corp_ - Uchronoplis Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Welcome To Uchronopolis
02 - Black Flesh
03 - Tainted Cortex
04 - Revenge
05 - Totalitarize Me
06 - The Great Parade For Monkeys
07 - Birth
08 - Ex Utero
09 - Exodus
10 - Exile
11 - Day Of The Hatred
12 - Lock Down
13 - No Tears
14 - Neros Dream
15 - Hyber Nation
16 - Uchronopolis

Album Review
Fresh off their European tour in support of Alien Sex Fiend, Dexy Corp_ release their 2nd album, “Uchronoplis”. Uchronoplis tell the story of a city ruled by the dictatorship of Ysokras Salocin and the Nova Corp. As the album progresses it tells how an anti-governmental group of activists, the Black Flesh, rise up against the system and fight for their freedom.

Anyone who has heard Dexy Corps_ debut, “Fragmentation”, somewhat knows what to expect and will be use to their style of hard hitting Industrial Metal, but make no mistake, Dexy Corp_ are not like every other Industrial Metal band out there, nor is there sound exactly the same as that of their debut, for they are back, with a sound that’s bigger stronger and more powerful then ever before.

The tracks are well structured and held nicely together by drummer, Absynthetik. With the drums ranging from enormous blast beats to more complex fills it is constant throughout and makes the tracks flow nicely. In between the drum beats, the guitar of Noisynism and the bass of Ersatz fill out the track to give it some substance and mix nicely with the industrial backing track. Over it all is placed the vocals of Doctorkrank, which are pleasantly different to the highly distorted Marilyn Manson style vocals most Industrial Metal bands opt for.

With every track playing a key part in the concept story the majority of them are short and to the point and move on nicely to the next before they start to grow tiring. They play their part and move on without hovering around trying to catch attention. A concept album can be hard to get right for any band but Dexy Corp_ seem to have nailed it on their first attempt, with only one album to precede it.
Posted on 04 Jan 2011 by Jason
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