Alien Vampires - Harshlizer Album Review
Track Listing
01 - No Way Back
02 - Evil Bloody Music
03 - She’s On Drugs (More Than Me)
04 - See U In Hell (Cover Version, Guest Suicide Commando)
05 - Harshlizer
06 - Industrializer
07 - Before It’s Too Late
08 - Lies
09 - Control The Universe
10 - Fearless
11 - Death March
12 - Far Away
13 - Entity
14 - Her Blood Into My Veins

Having recently signed to Alfa Matrix, Alien Vampires present their label debut, their 4th album overall, Harshlizer. You don’t even need to put on the CD to realise Alien Vampires are at the stage in their careers where they aim to make an impact. For you are instantly presented with a highly controversial piece of cover artwork showing two (almost) nude women playing sexually with a crucifix. Whatever you think about the artwork it sums up the band to perfection and tells you everything you need to know. If you love the artwork you will love the band, if you don’t then proceed with caution. For Alien Vampires do not care who they may offend, as long as they manage to deliver the best they can, be it through their music, their image or their live shows.

Harshilizer presents you with some of Alien Vampires strongest tracks to date blending harsh elektro beats with elements of metal and industrial to create a sound worthy of rivalling the likes of Hocico and Suicide Commando. With that it mind it may originally seem worrying that they have covered the Suicide Commando track “See You In Hell” but upon realising that they have managed to get Suicide Commando himself, Johan Van Roy, to provide guest vocals on the track it shows just how much support Alien Vampires are receiving from those in the know.

The album is a full on sonic assault overpowered with club hits from start to finish. Hardly stopping for a moment’s air, Alien Vampires have created the album to shape their career, the landmark album which they have to live up too. For Alien Vampires may be explicit and censor worthy but they do so in style, like no one else.
Posted on 10 Dec 2010 by Jason
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