Digitalis Purpurea - Emotional Decompression Chamber Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Musclebound
02 - Dust Devil
03 - Magic Cube
04 - The Shedding
05 - Fall Of Rimmel
06 - Blear
07 - Scotch-Taped Hours
08 - Horror Pleni
09 - Devote
10 - Venus Eclipse

The name Digitalis Purpurea, the botanical name for the Purple Foxglove, may at first seem like a weird name for an Industrial Metal band. But it is only when you dig deeper into the symbol of the plant that you discovering its secret. For Digitalis Purpurea symbolises temptation. Something that is pleasant but destructive to the stage of an overdose being lethal. Now it appears a bit more fitting for the name of a band, providing the music can live up to the names reputation that is.

“Emotional Decompression Chamber” starts off how it aims to progress after a brief eerie intro the beats start hitting, the synthesisers add some depth to the sound and the guitars come crashing in over the top. With Rob Zombie style vocals to round it off, the album contains everything that you would expect from an Industrial Metal band. It comes as somewhat of a surprise that such a strong and well layered sound can be produced by “Digitalis Purpurea”, well once you realise they hold only one member, multi-instrumentalist Pi Greco, at least.

With their sound distant from that of the most noticeable one member industrial metal band, Nine Inch Nails, Digitalis Purpurea are well set to develop well within the genre and form a career of their own. Any single person that can write an entire album on their own and do it well deserves credit, and Digitalis Purpurea is one of them.
Posted on 08 Dec 2010 by Jason
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