Razorfade - This Clear Shining Album Review
Track Listing
01 - The Razor Fades
02 - Chemical Distraction
03 - Shout Down
04 - Clear Shining
05 - Burning
06 - Hiding My Demons
07 - Horizon
08 - Breathe
09 - Fear Is Rising
10 - Walking On Water
11 - Fooled Again
12 - Cold As The Night
13 - A Push Away From Falling

The debut release by Razorfade, “This Clear Shining”, is a dark electronic meets atmospheric Goth affair. Incorporating a wide variety of influences ranging from 80s New Wave to current EBM it has all the criteria to appeal to a wide range of audiences. With the band already being described as the brilliant melodic melange of Sisters Of Mercy and Depeche Mode it is no wonder they have been signed up by Alfa Matrix for the release.

With the wide range of influences and styles involved in “This Clear Shining” it is no surprise that some tracks lend a hand more one way than the other. Be it to the more EBM dance floor friendly side with tracks such as “Chemical Distraction” and “Burning”, which are full of high energy synth melodies taking the lead role. Or to the slower more melancholy Goth tracks “Fear Is Rising” and “Hiding” to name but a few. Where the EBM tracks are full of synth melody, the Goth tracks melody comes from the vocals, but one thing is clear. That melody is present throughout.

The tracks are nicely mixed together throughout the album in a way that allows any listener to enjoy it from start to finish without having to skip through tracks. They may even have done enough to become a genre cross over artist converting fans from one genre to another. With the scene as compact as it is, bands which expand there audience are no bad thing and hopefully Razorfade will be the start of a string of bands not fitting to the cliche.
Posted on 08 Dec 2010 by Jason
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