Lahannya - Friday 12th November 2010 - Scala, London, UK - Live Review
Set List
01 - Prelude
02 - Dying Inside
03 - Sick And Tired
04 - Charades
05 - Open Your Eyes
06 - Scavenger
07 - Doors
08 - No Tomorrow
09 - Our War
10 - Interference
11 - Beautiful Wasteland
12 - Inside The Machine
13 - Burn

Having already created a name for herself by providing vocals for top name acts such as Soman, Xotox and Greenhaus, Lahannya is quickly creating a name as a solo artist as well. Having previously packed out venues around the country towards the end of 2009, she has returned with her biggest tour to date.

Armed with new drummer, NFD’s Luca Mazzacconi, Lahannaya has her hardest hitting and strongest sound to date. In line with her new line-up she also presents a brand new set list containing tracks from her back catalogue as well as two new numbers.

Starting with two tracks from her previous release, Defiance, Lahannya quickly warms up the crowd and gets everyone into full swing. Although the venue is not rammed to the rafters, the crowd who have arrived are dedicated to the band and give their full support. After a hard hitting start the band slow things down with a track off their debut album, having changed their sound after its release, the tracks seem somewhat out of place within the set, yet with the fans singing every word its helps it mark its place.

It is soon time for Lahannya to unveil the first of two new tracks, Scavenger, having never played it live before she is somewhat hesitant and curious as to how it will go down with fans both new and old. However it is not long until she eases into her stride having released it is going just as well as the older material.

The rest of the set carries on much in the same fashion as it started. A mix of tracks from her previous three releases, as well as another new number, Beautiful Wasteland. With it going down just as well as the first it provides great hope for the new album due in early 2011.

As the set draws to an end the crowd gather in the foyer to chat and collect autographs from Lahannya who is at the merch booth within moments of finishing, the only thing left for her is to go home and prepare herself for Defiance Fest, the festival she is due to promote only a few days later.
Posted on 07 Dec 2010 by Jason
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