Formalin - Bodyminding Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Fallout
02 - Yippiescum
03 - My Fetish
04 - Beliefmaker
05 - Deliverence
06 - This Isn't Love
07 - Sezyr
08 - Breath Control
09 - Addicted
10 - Resistance
11 - Korperfabrik
12 - Aftermath

Within a second of their debut album, “Bodyminding” being released, Berlin newbie’s Formalin are off on a European tour as special guests of Hocico. Launching themselves instantly into the spotlight they have a lot to live up too especially on the live circuit.

Playing their own genre of music which they have subsequently dubbed, Berlin City Industrial, Formalin create a hard hitting electronic sound full of dirty beats and harsh synthesisers. It ends up somewhere in between EBM and Industrial Metal, with elements of artists ranging from Front 242 to Deathstars being noticeable as influences within the album.

With the complexity of the lyrics ranging from full verses to four or five lines repeated throughout the track, every song is structured to achieve maximum effect and gets the message across however dark the lyrics may be. The topics are dark and twisted and involve fetishes and rape yet the background beats still manage to give a somewhat upbeat feel to them as an entirety.

One of the highlights of the album is the instrumental track, “Sezyr”. Here Formalin shows off some of their best skills as musicians and creates a highly danceable tracks which never grow tiring, it is a shame theres not more tracks like it within the album.

While still being the newest thing on the scene, Formalin are shaping things nicely to create a long carear ahead of themselves with the album released to good reactions it wont be long until the fan base grows.
Posted on 17 Nov 2010 by Jason
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