Hocico, Formalin & Mechanical Cabaret - Saturday 6th November 2010 - Elektrowerkz, London, UK - Live Review
Set Lists
01 - Breathe me tonight
02 - Flesh to lacerate
03 - A Fatal Desire
04 - Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks
05 - Dog Eat Dog
06 - About A Dead
07 - Bite me!
08 - Spirals of Time
09 - Altered States
10 - Untold Blasphemies
11 - Twist the Thorn
12 - Tiempos de Furia
First Encore:
13 - Forgotten Tears
14 - Poltergeist
Second Encore:
15 - Escape the Spell
16 - Bloodshed

01 - Intro
02 - Fallout
03 - Breath Control
04 - My Fetish
05 - Deliverance
06 - This Isn’t Love
07 - Beliefmaker
08 - Yuppiescum

Mechanical Cabaret
01 - Cheap & Nasty
02 - Blank Canvas
03 - Mein Fuhrer
04 - In Loving Memory
05 - Disbehave
06 - See Her Smile
07 - GBH

As the doors open the room quickly starts to fill up and it is not long until the first band is underway. Only being added to the line-up hours in advance, Mechanical Cabaret were missing a lot of their regular hardcore fan base, however this did not stop them engaging the audience from start to finish. You only needed to be one song in before a huge proportion of the crowd were cheering and singing away, which lasted right until the end. Even a replacement backing member didn’t stop charismatic front man, Roi Robertson, from putting on the high energy performance his fans have come to expect from him.

Next to take the stage, is German newbie’s Formalin, having been invited along as special guests of their label mates, Hocico, and never having played within the UK before, the band faced a tough challenge into unknown territory. Playing their own genre, which they have named Berlin City Industrial, the band creates a style halfway between EBM and Industrial Metal. However it is not long until Hocico’s decision to bring them on tour with them was noticeable with the crowd quickly warming to them and the band gaining many new fans in the process.

Eventually it is time for Hocico to take the stage, with the room now having reached its capacity and sold out there was a lot of anticipation from a very egger crowd. After a somewhat slow intro which almost seemed like the band would never actually get going they came in at full force for one of the highest energy performances of the year. With the crowd already having danced through the opening two acts, Hocico seemed to pass on a new lease of life to their audience, with everyone dancing around in what limited space they could find.

The set contained a nice mix of tracks, with around half of it showcasing the best numbers from the bands newest release “Tiempos de Furia” and the rest being made up of the bands classic back catalogue. It flowed nicely from one to another with barely a moments rest in between. As the set drew to a close the band finally thought they could have a moments rest, although the high demand from the crowd tempted Hocico into a second unplanned encore, much to everyone’s delight. It is rare for bands to be so heavily demanded, but Hocico have managed to leave a lasting impression on everyone who attended and until the next time will be sorely missed.

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Posted on 10 Nov 2010 by Jason
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