Leaether Strip - Dark Passages OST & Seasons Change - I Don't Album Review
Track Listing
CD1 - Dark Passages
01 - Dark Passages
02 - Twisted Games
03 - Everything Dies
04 - Violence
05 - Embracing Life’s Fire
06 - Amanda
07 - The Dead Stare
08 - Lilith
09 - When Hate Takes Over
CD2 - Seasons Change - I Don’t
01 - The End Of The Road
02 - Black Magic Man
03 - Bondage Is Not A Crime
04 - Seasons Change - I Don’t (Featuring Amanda Eisemann)
05 - Dead Swan
06 - It’s Not Real
07 - It’s So Real
08 - Door With No Handle
09 - My Shadow Is Your Home (Extended)
10 - Dark Passage (Extended)
11 - Everything Dies (Extended)
12 - Voluntary Confinement (Secret Mix)
13 - Embracing Life’s Fire (Mortiis Remix)
14 - My Shadow Is Your Home (Ehron VonAllen Version)

With the newest offering from Leaether Strip you get a nice two in one package deal. Not only do you get the Original Soundtrack of up and coming indie horror film “Dark Passages”, directed by Cesar Cruz. The release has also been given a second disk of all new studio material unrelated to the film, titled “Seasons Change - I Don’t”.

Hot off the heals of Trent Reznor’s (Nine Inch Nails, How To Destroy Angels), first attempt at a soundtrack, in his case for facebook movie “The Social Network”. Claus Larson, aka Leaether Strip marks his first attempt for indie horror film “Dark Passages”. Where as Reznor’s release was far from the best material he has ever released, Leaether Strip’s marks a return to the classic sound that raised them to fame 20 years ago. With recent studio albums, Mental Slavery and Aengelmaker in particular, becoming more and more club orientated it was a much needed change to fit the darker sombre mood featured in almost any horror film.

Despite being a sound track Leaether Strip refuse to back down and still apply vocals to around half of the songs on the release. The songs are dark and it is easy to see how the film could potentially fit in around them. However it is the instrumental tracks that really give the album its due. With instrumental tracks rarely being featured on Leaether Strip releases, the opportunity has been taken to have some fun and create some nicely worked synth based background music. The instrumental tracks show off just how talented Claus can be, with the development and structure nicely taking place as the tracks progress. The tracks never get tiring despite one “Lilith” coming in at over 20 minutes in length. It will be interesting to see just how it all fits into and around the film.

Disk 2, companion studio album, “Seasons Change - I Don’t” contains everything that is needed for a classic album. It consists of 8 brand new tracks, 3 extended versions of previously released tracks (including 2 off the Dark Passages soundtrack) and 3 remixes.

The original tracks show off everything that is Leaether Strip. Some such as “Bondage Is Not A Crime” are in great contrast to the “Dark Passages” soundtrack, bringing a more upbeat and club orientated sound. However there are also a couple such as “Dead Swan” and the title track “Seasons Change - I Don’t” which have a lot slower more depressing mood too them. Every track however gives something new and is an integral part of any Leaether Strip fans ever growing collection.

The extended versions are a nice treat which all provide at least an extra couple of minutes to the track. Despite the original versions all tying in at over 5 minutes, which raises the question of whether an extended version is actually needed or not, the extended versions all provide something different enough from the original to warrant their release. Presumably the extended tracks of “Dark Passages” and “Everything Dies”, both taken from the “Dark Passages” soundtrack, will not be featured within the film so are both entirely exclusive to this release.

The remixes all consist of good reworkings of the original tracks, two of which having had high profile musicians drafted in to do so. The first is of Retention No.3 reworked track “Voluntary Confinement”. It has less to offer than the two remixes that follow yet is still worth a listen or two. The second is of “Dark Passages” track, “Embracing Life’s Fire” and is undertaken by former black metal turned ambience now industrial metal artist Mortiis. With the final remix being of “Mental Slavery” track, “My Shadow Is Your Home”, coming from Ehron VonAllen who has previously remixed tracks for the likes of Depeche Mode, Recoil, IAMX and Wumpscut.

Yet again Leaether Strip has created not only excellent new material but an excellent package to reward his fans for there hard and loyal support over the years. If anyone has ever liked anything Leaether Strip has ever released you are sure to find something enjoyable within this double release.
Posted on 25 Oct 2010 by Jason
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