Kordan - The Longing Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Dawn
02 - Shinjuku
03 - Fantasy Nation
04 - Tokyo Tears
05 - Colours
06 - Closer
07 - Dream
08 - Mirror
09 - Hologram
10 - Ghosts
11 - Dawn (Redux)

The Longing is the debut full length of Brooklyn based trio Kordan. Having previously released an EP consisting of demo material they have crafted together their own concept of a Japanese city years in the future, full of holograms and faded neon. The Longing takes you on a journey through the city on the search of a lost loved one, the memories of what could have been and the loneliness felt without.

The music is a kind of shoegaze electro outing full of pulsating beats and sombre melodies sparked up with luminescent synths and scratchy guitars. With the whole sound adding to the ambience of the city, throughout its decay and new rising underground life. The band fully educes you into their world and tells the story to such perfection.

Every track on the LP plays an essential part of the story and although a fair few of them are short and to the point, with some tracks being under 3 minutes in length, they couldn’t be done any other way. They are placed in the album, do their job and move on without the need of extra filler.

The album has already spun two singles, “Mirror” and “Closer”. Both of which perfectly sum up the band and tell a key part of the story of The Longing. “Mirror” is featured near the end of the story and tells of how you find someone that you know so well you mirror each others thoughts and emotion. “Closer” is taken from near the middle of the story and tells of what people go through to make themselves feel close to those they love.

With their debut album released to great success it hopefully will not be the last we hear of Kordan as they are certainly one of the hot new bands of the moment.
Posted on 23 Oct 2010 by Jason
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