Faderhead - Black Friday Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Obnoxiated
02 - Escape From The Machine
03 - Hot Bath And A Cold Razor
04 - The Moth And The Fire
05 - Baby Firefly
06 - Destroy Improve Rebuild
07 - Aim To Misbehave
08 - Pussy Rules
09 - The Way To Fuck God
10 - Beautiful Freak
11 - The Bitch I Love To Hate
12 - Do Toy Know Who I Think I Am
13 - Scumfuckers
14 - Corpus Crisis
15 - Crashkid
16 - Regaining Unconsciousness

Faderhead return with their 4th album, Black Friday. Breaking from the tradition of their previous albums, naming them FH (then a number), Faderhead have this time attempted to undertake a concept album based around a Friday night gone wrong.

The album starts of to a great standard, “Escape From The Machine” starts you off with what is easily the best track on the album. It contains everything you would expect from a classic Faderhead track, such as “Dirtygrrrls, Dirtybois” or “Horizon Born”. It has catchy synth tunes throughout, a mix of vocal styles and a good beat to tie it all together.

“Hot Bath and a Cold Razor” is slower than you would normally come to expect from a Faderhead track but if the electronic world ever really had ballads this would be one, just a dark twisted depressing one, if that’s possible.

“The Moth and the Fire” is yet again another of the top tracks on the album, nicely mixing elements from both of the previous songs although mainly filled with quite chilled moments, it contains nice synth melodies in the background which occasionally pick up speed as the song progresses.

After two slower tracks, “Baby Firefly” picks up the pace again and returns to hard hitting danceable mix’s filled with all the moments featured in “Escape From The Machine”. It pretty much has clean vocals throughout but doing so helps make it sound more like a classic Faderhead track.

However as the album progresses and the half way point of the album is reached, it makes you think that maybe “Black Friday” should have been released as an EP rather than a full length as some of the tracks from here on go horribly wrong.

Starting with the incredibly tacky “Pussy Rules” which sounds as if the auto tune has been left on a bit too long and is matched with an irritably over catchy, to the stage it makes you turn it off, chorus about girls being in charge because they have a pussy. Enough said.

The next couple of tracks “The Way To Fuck God” and “Beautiful Freak” would be pretty good tracks if it didn’t just make Faderhead sound as if they were desperate to be like Combichrist. They are well written but sound nothing like the bands original style or sound, with the exception of a couple of lines in “Beautiful Freak” where a clean vocal line is used.

As the album gets closer to the end nothing jumps out as excitement, there are some moments better than others but it is far from the standard you would expect from Faderhead after listening to the first half of the album, or any previous releases. If the tracks had been selected a bit more carefully, than Black Friday could have been another top quality release from Faderhead, but with too many filler tracks it stops it becoming much more then something to collect dust for anyone other than the hardcore fans.
Posted on 14 Oct 2010 by Jason
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