Hocico - Tiempos De Furia Album Review
Track Lisiting
01 - I Want To Go To Hell
02 - Where Words Fail, Hate Speaks
03 - Flesh To Lecerate
04 - Dog Eat Dog
05 - Bite Me!
06 - Kiss Of Apocalypse
07 - Twist The Thorn
08 - Tiempos De Furia
09 - Hey… It’s Me
10 - Not Human
11 - Altered States
12 - Los Espejos Rotos
13 - The Disguise

After an excellent teaser single, “Dog Eat Dog”, Hocico return with their first new album in two years. Despite both members now being fully involved with their own side projects, Hocico are back sounding as good, if not better than ever.

You do not have to get too far into the release before you are presented with a song of the highest quality, with only the second track, “Where World Fail, Hate Speaks” being one of them. It may not be anything musically that we haven’t heard before, but Hocico do it with such style and precision it doesn’t matter anyway.

Soon we are presented with the teaser single, “Dog Eat Dog”. It is clear that the right song was chosen for the single with it being one of, if not the best track on the album. As the song starts up vocals are sporadically placed to ensure maximum effect and a catchy synth tune is layered over hard hitting background beats. The main tune is then faded out for the verse only to return for the chorus. The whole track is excellent from start to finish.

From here on the tracks keep with the high standard set in the opening few with hardly any tracks noticeably weaker than the others. We are even presented with an entirely instrumental track, “Kiss Of Apocalypse”, which serves as a nice interlude halfway through the album.

As always on any Hocico release, there are a couple of songs written in their native language, Spanish. While there may not be many bands who choose it as a language to sing in, “Tiempos de Furia” and “Los Espejos Rotos” go a long way to making it sound as acceptable in the industrial scene as German has become and show that whatever your nationality you can write music of the highest quality without detouring from your roots.

With another top album under way Hocico are set to return in style and will once again return to being near the top of the aggrotech / industrial scene, leaving others and the two members individual side projects, far in the dust behind.
Posted on 14 Oct 2010 by Jason
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