Lord Of The Lost - Thursday 23rd September 2010 - Purple Turtle, Camden, UK - Live Review
Track Listing
01 - Dry The Rain
02 - Last Words
03 - Vicious Circle
04 - Bad Romance (Lady Gaga Cover)
05 - Epiphany
06 - Prison
07 - Prologue
08 - Never Forgive
09 - Break Your Heart

After a long dark intro, which allows the members of the band to slowly one by one enter the stage and stand perfectly still, Lord Of The Lost launch into their first assault on English soils and right from the word go it’s a good one. With their tri guitar line-up the band are hard hitting and multilayered, yet still manage to stay perfectly in time throughout the entire set that follows

The band start of with a few tracks from their debut album, Fears. After a slow start with opening track “Dry The Rain”, the band and the audience are fully warmed up and step up a notch into full gear. Lead by vocalist and band leader Chris Harms partially ripping his top open, Chris gains a new lease of life and bursts into motion on stage. Despite a small stage which barely has room for the bands 6 members, Chris leaps about performing the songs to his best ability.

For any band the decision to cover a track can be a hard one to get right. Not only do you have to correctly choose the artist and song to do, but you also have to give it your own unique spin which so many bands fail to get right. Although Lord Of The Lost may have chosen a somewhat controversial artist for any alternative band to cover, it is no doubt their cover of Lady GaGa’s Bad Romance works. Despite a look of bemusement on the audience’s faces as the song starts it is not long until the band have convinced them to their way of thinking and have them singing on long to the Ra Ra’s,

Next we are treated with two tracks which are due to be featured on the bands second album, due out summer 2011. The band appears to have found a sound which works from them and carry on in very similar fashion to that of their debut. The tracks fit perfectly into the rest of the set and show signs of good things to come from the band in the next year.

Returning to common ground the band end the set how they began, with 3 tracks from their debut release. With his shirt now half hanging off he rips the remaining threads and throws it into the audience. With his “*LORD*” tattoo now exposed across his sweat soaked chest he ensures the audiences eyes remain on him for the remainder of the show. As it draws to a close he picks up drum sticks to smash cymbals in addition to the drum work already in place.

A debut show in any country can be daunting, a debut in the UK can be an awful lot worse, however tonight Lord Of The Lost made it work and should be well on their way towards their next set of dates here.

A review of the album can be found here
Posted on 30 Sep 2010 by Jason
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