Mechanical Cabaret - Ne Plus Ultra Single Review
Track Listing
01 - Ne Plus Ultra
02 - Ne Plus Ultra (Exquisitely Extended Mix)
03 - The Lunatic Have Taken Over The Asylum
04 - Pretty Fucked Up (Kunt And The Gang's Castlemayne Remix)
05 - Ne Plus Ultra (Lowpulse Rework)
06 - Ne Plus Ultra (Lowpulse Rework Dub)

“Ne Plus Ultra”, is the third single to be lifted from Mechanical Cabaret’s, third album “Damaged Goods”. Containing a couple of remixes of the title track, a cover and a remix of a second track, all of which are exclusive to this release, it has all the makings of a good single. On top of that, anyone who has heard anything released by Mechanical Cabaret before will know that the band wont let a single track be released until it’s the very best it can be. This release is no exception.

First we are presented with an extended version of the title track, as great as it is, there is only so much that can be done with extended versions, and they rarely vary much from one to another. In this case it is a somewhat 80s inspired extension with some nice synth work in the gaps. The tracks that follow however are of a lot more interest.

Next we are hit with a unique cover of the Fun Boy Three track “The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum”. It presents itself as a much darker twisted track then you would come to expect from listening to other Mechanical Cabaret songs. However with Fun Boy Three being a big influence it is clear the band have put there upmost effort into it.

The Kunt and the Gang remix of “Pretty Fucked Up” is a somewhat stripped down version of the track. As the track draws to a close it even includes some brand new vocal lines from Little Kunt in the background adding a somewhat comedy effect to the remix.

Continuing the theme of darkness portrayed in the Fun Boys Three cover, the final two tracks are remix’s of the title track undertaken by Lowpulse. The tracks have been slowed down enough to give the track a whole new feel and present a somewhat mysterious illusion.

Overall a great single containing everything a single should, a well worked addition to any fans collection.

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Posted on 28 Sep 2010 by Jason
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