Inertia - Repeat & Follow Single Review
Track Listing
01 - Repeat & Follow
02 - Repeat & Follow (12" Extended Mix)
03 - Repeat & Follow (Bariuz Mix)
04 - Repeat & Follow (Tongue & Groove Mix)
05 - Fallout
06 - Repeat & Follow (Endless Noise Mix)
07 - Repeat & Follow (Virez Mix)
08 - Repeat & Follow (Goteki Mix)

After the release of covers album “Kloned” earlier this year, Inertia are back with their first new material in 3 years. Released as a teaser single for their next full length album “Deworlded”, “Repeat & Follow” contains two new tracks (Repeat & Follow, Fallout) and 6 remixes of the title track.

The two new tracks are both a return to form for the band, who’s career already spans two decades. “Repeat & Follow” is full of distorted electro beats and danceable synth melodies. The catchy chorus nicely mixes the vocals of lead singer Reza Udhin and the backing vocals of Alexys B. It is no wonder the track is already becoming a favourite in the bands live set. “Fallout” is a slightly darker sounding track but still contains all of the trade mark Inertia style and beats featured in “Repeat & Follow” (and the bands previous releases).

The remixes are luckily all distinctively different from the last and from the original (with the exception of the 12” extended mix, which you would to contain the original anyway). All of the remix’s are written to a very similar standard, with favourites likely to be down to personal taste. Most noticeable remix is the “Bariuz mix” which creates a lot softer, more relaxing version of the track.

With the physical copies being limited to only 100 copies it is likely to become sold out very quickly being grabbed by fans and DJ’s alike.

English fans of the band can catch Inertia performing live with Mechanical Cabaret, at the Purple Turtle, Camden on Friday 10th September
Posted on 18 Aug 2010 by Jason
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