Lord Of The Lost - Fears Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Last Words
02 - Break Your Heart
03 - Dry The Rain
04 - My Deepest Fear
05 - The Measure Of All Things
06 - Till Death Do Us Part
07 - Prologue
08 - Never Forgive
09 - To Die For
10 - Vicious Circle
11 - Not For This World
12 - Nothing Words Can Say
13 - Sooner Or Later

Fear is the debut album by German Goth Rockers, Lord Of The Lost. Described as the missing link between Gothic and Marilyn Manson, it creates a hard expectation to live up too, but Lord Of The Lost manage to do just that.

After a somewhat cliched “gothic” choral intro, the opening track “Last Words” kicks in with distorted guitars and deep brooding vocals. The charisma from vocalist, and band leader, Chris Harms, is almost instantly noticeable, something that is often hard to showcase on record. As the album, or for that matter even, the first track progresses, Chris Harms shows off his range of vocal styles, incorporating everything from soulful melodic vocals to harsh screams and everything in between.

As for the rest of the band, they provide a good basis for Chris’s vocals to perform over. Every track is different from the last with tracks ranging from softer keyboard based ballad “The Measure Of All Things” too heavy blast beats in “Never Forgive”. Lord Of The Lost have shown the multitalented levels off all their members and have developed their own unique sound, they will appeal to a range of genre’s fans, and develop a unique fan base all of their own along the way.

Was a link needed to fill the gap between Gothic and Marilyn Manson? Maybe not. However Lord Of The Lost do a highly creditable job at fulfilling that role. But regardless what is clear is that Lord Of The Lost are out to make an impact and they are here to stay.
Posted on 13 Aug 2010 by Jason
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