William Control - Noir Album Review
Track Lisiting
01 - Une Annonce
02 - Vorspiel
03 - All Due Restraint
04 - I'm Only Human Sometimes
05 - Can't Help Falling In Love
06 - Why Dance With The Devil When You Cant Have Me
07 - My Lady Dominate
08 - Soliloguy
09 - Dorian Gray
10 - Ultrasound
11 - Noir
12 - Epilogue

William Control is the side project of Aiden singer Will Francis. In contrast to his main band, William Control is a more electronic, almost EBM style project, with deep vocal lines over the top. Far from that of Aiden’s, “emo” / “numetal” approach.

The first couple of tracks are over very quickly with neither being much longer than a minute but they nicely set the album up, showing the style of the artist to any first time listeners. Its almost as if they are a single intro track split in half, with the fist showing the vocals, the second showing the music, and ending with the line, “so this is how we begin”.

The tracks that follow however, despite having the same basic components (featured in the opening two tracks) all sound remarkably different, even going as far as mixing in a couple of more acoustic tracks. It is clear that William Control is all about the artist recording what he feels like and having fun with a release. Where he solely has full control over the sound, unlike in Aiden where it is shared with the other band members.

William Control even includes a cover of the Elvis Presley classic “Can’t Help Falling In Love” and manages to do a more than acceptable job on it. It is a slower, more depressing version than the original, but is a highly fitting tribute to the songs creator.

The album contains some enjoyable tracks and is more than likely to gain Will Francis a new fan base, different to that of Aiden’s. He even goes as far as getting Jeffree Star to feature (albeit briefly) in the release. This wont be the last we here of William Control.
Posted on 12 Aug 2010 by Jason
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