[x]-Rx - Update 3.0 Album Review
Track Listing
01 - The Update
02 - Drums, Bass, Drugs and Noize
03 - Das Ewige Leben
04 - The Doll Underground
05 - Panikattacke
06 - Push It!
07 - Bass And Percussion
08 - Electric Man
09 - Kra
10 - Mechanics
11 - This Is Rock 'n' Roll
12 - Virus Infection
13 - Der Prediger

[x]-Rx returns with their newest offering “Update 3.0”. The majority of the album is what you would come to expect from listening to either of the bands previous releases, “Unmoglich Erregend” and “Stage 2”. They are danceable “clubhit” industrial who have been played on dance floors worldwide ever since their debut was released back in 2006.

“Update 3.0” once again contains some top quality tracks, with hits like “Drums Bass Drugz and Noize” already being played on club dance floors and making a huge impact worldwide. [x]-Rx have found a style that works for them and made it their own, even going as far as naming themselves “The Industrial Rave Gods From Cologne”, but with the quality of some of the tracks they produce its easy to see why.

Having 2 top albums already under their belt, [x]-Rx always wanting to better themselves, have added in a rare treat. With “Push It” for the first time ever containing full vocals by [x]-Rx themselves throughout the track. When a band changes something dramatically with either the addition or deletion of instruments it can often go majorly wrong. However [x]-Rx have made it work for them and have made a track to which fans can chant along too.

Like a good chunk of top quality albums there is often a track that appears slightly weaker than the rest, and choosing to use a sample from “Family Guy” during “Electric Man” may not have been the best of decisions. Enjoyment of the track will more than likely come down too your enjoyment of the show (and how many times you’ve seen the episode in question), however the actual beats laid down still make it a more than enjoyable track in between the sampled moments.
Posted on 12 Aug 2010 by Jason
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