Endless Asylem - Danvers State Hospital - Beyond Mental Illness Album Review
Track Listing
1 - The Diary Of Marie Balter
2 - Schizophrenia
3 - Childhood In Danvers
4 - Lobotomist
5 - Across The Silence
6 - Beyond Mental Illness
7 - The Voice Of Danvers

Endless Asylum is the newest project by Spanish songwriter Sathorys Elenorth. Their debut album, “Danvers State Hospital - Beyond Mental Illness” is a top quality concept release set in an abandoned lunatic asylum. It is dark and mysterious from start to finish and makes it easy for the listener to surround themselves in the scenery set out by the artist. The majority of the release is instrumental however the few sampled voices nicely add to the theme, often sounding old fashioned.

The opening track, “The Diary Of Marie Balter” is one of the darkest tracks on the album, it starts of telling the story of a man thrown into hospital and left unable to communicate with the doctors who worked their. The track is full of the sounds of chains being dragged along a cold tiled floor, rattling along cage railings, and suppressing the existence of the patient obtained within.

The second track looks into the mental illness of schizophrenia, after a brief spoken section about an unconfirmed “treatment” for the illness, the track moves into a chilled back relaxing ambience, as if you were suffering from schizophrenia yourself you are left to decide for yourself and hear what you will within the track and give it your own meaning.

After opening with a stripped down version of Beethoven’s Fur Elise the next track, “Childhood In Danvers” dives into the mind of someone sectioned at an early age, with little to none experience of the outside world, and the majority of their life spent hearing the clang of metal as the chains attached to their arms and legs crash against there bars

Despite not being as old as the sampled opening of the previous track, “Lobotomist” chooses a track from the 50’s to create the intro, “Billy Ward & The Dominos - St Theresea Of The Roses” blasts out it is quickly stopped by the sounds of a patients breath as they are trying to escape, avoiding the fate that the doctors have decided to try and treat them with. The track is mysterious and brooding to help mask the anonymity of the controversial treatment.

“Across The Silence” creates the illusion of aloneness, sat in a cold damp cell, tied up, with no one to talk too. Only the sounds of those outside, the voices within your head, building up, grasping hold of your inner being, before it comes crashing down again. The silence while believed to help only making things worse, strengthening the suffering.

“Beyond Mental Illness” aims to look into a patient’s life after leaving the hospital, it contains numerous twists and turns as the patient is left on their own, relearning the outside world, and the freedom they now possess. Due to the mental illness being somewhat in the past in this track, it is a lot more upbeat then the majority of the album and provides a glimpse of recovery and the future.

In contrast to the previous track however “The Voices Of Denver” once again return to the dark routes that feature in the majority of the album. As for some patients the freedom of the outside world is never returned to them, with the gates of oblivion closed forever…
Posted on 08 Aug 2010 by Jason
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