SAM - Brainwasher Album Review
Track Listing
01 - Warning
02 - Halluzinogen
03 - Bull Fucking Shit
04 - Starting The Madness
05 - Mad As Hell
06 - Murder Inc.
07 - Name And Number
08 - Psychic Driving
09 - Corporate Violate
10 - Interoception
11 - S-R
12 - Mindfuck

Like is often the case, when a band release a hit single months before the release of the album, in this case “Bull Fucking Shit” (released on the Alfa Matrix compilation, Endzeit Bunkertracks Act V), it can be hard for the rest of the album to live up to the standard. But despite “Bull Fucking Shit” spending months being played in clubs worldwide, it is far from a stand alone track on SAM’s newest release “Brainwasher”.

“Brainwasher” is the third album from rhythmic noise duo SAM. A couple of years have passed since their last album, “Destruction Unit” was released, however SAM have spent their time wisely, combining touring with creating their best album to date. “Brainwasher” is a hard hitting, highly danceable assault from start to finish, with non stop beats all the way through. There may be a few moments were the album stops for air, but for the majority of it, it is hardcore action, it is SAM.

Opening with the line, “Warning, the following audio material can cause irreversible brain damage” the album instantly sets its self up to be something special. A bold statement that could either make or break the album. However after a loud scream, the beats you would come to expect from listening to either of SAM’s previous releases are back as good as ever. The first track “Warning” nicely gets the album going with some thumping beats before the rhythmic sounds start out in track number two, “Halluzinogen” to blow the album into full swing.

With the album nicely in full swing, the words of “Bull Fucking Shit” are allowed to ring out. Blasting out of the speakers of homes, iPods, and clubs worldwide, it is a song that will stay around, know by all, matching tracks like Soman’s Noise Anthem in getting everyone moving.

The next track, “Starting The Madness” acts as a kind of interlude as well as an intro to following track “Mad As Hell”. It is nicely placed in a way that shows that the album isn’t all about the one hit track; it’s almost as if SAM are saying “now here’s Brainwasher Part 2”.

Picking up where “Halluzinogen” left off “Mad As Hell” throws us back into the mix with more danceable rhythmic beats. Although the song is a bit slow to get going, once the synth melody hits in it nicely carries the track and becomes something quite enjoyable.

The next couple of tracks, “Murder Inc” and “Name And Number” although not the strongest tracks on the album are by no means weak tracks. Despite not being the best they help the album flow nicely and give something extra to dance too.

As the half way point of “Brainwasher” is reached, there are already so many top quality tracks which will no doubt appear on club playlists and become fan favourites within SAM’s live sets. For any band to have 3 or 4 top quality tracks on an album is a good achievement, but if SAM continue pulling out so many in one release they may well achieve their opening statement of causing brain damage.

“Psychic Driving” and “Corporate Violance” are slightly more electro outings than the rest of the album, with some good distorted synth sounds they nicely enhance the bass beats. They create good tracks which despite the slightly different sound still fit into the album well.
“Interoception” creates a slightly more ambience feel and it’s a softer laid back track. With the addition of the past 2 songs, it is good to see that the band are competent of writing in a range of styles and not just the hard rhythmic noise they are know for.

For the rest of the album however it is back to the beginning, continuing with what they do best. “S-R”, “Mindfuck” and “MKSEACH” are all once again dance floor tunes which push SAM to their limits. Ending in much the same way as it started with the statement “Thank you for listening to the SAM Brainwasher, your mind should be completely erased by now and replaced with new orders. Have a nice day”. It is clear that SAM have done what they set out to do and released their best album to date.
Posted on 16 Jul 2010 by Jason
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